I don’t know about you, but I definitely go through color phases.  I just got out of a purple phase, and now I am more into blues and greens.  Seriously cannot resist an emerald green or cobalt blue.  Plus, it just makes me happy whenever I wear it.


Niloulu Statement Necklace

Cobalt is such an AMAZINGLY vibrant color, and everyone should at least have a little bit in their closet—whether it be a small clutch or a bold cobalt winter coat.


Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace, Clear Bead Statement Necklace, Cobalt Blue Statement Necklace

Here are a few tips on cobalt blue:

  • Okay so I’m almost positive you have some black and white in your wardrobe.  It is a pretty basic thing to have and is also pretty “in” right now if you look in the fashion magazines. In the past a lot of people have put it with red or light pink, but a great way to update your black and whites is to put it with cobalt.  You can either add a little touch of it or wear it as your main piece.  Though, I guarantee your level of happiness will go up the more cobalt blue you wear.  GUARANTEE IT. Put a cobalt pant with a black and white top or wear a black and white dress with a cobalt blazer or belt (I WISH I HAD A COBALT BLAZER AHHHH).  OH.. or a cobalt pencil skirt with a black and white top, etc, etc.  I could keep going but I’ll stop and show you pictures instead…


Clear Bead Statement NecklaceCobalt Blue Statement Necklace
  • With any bright or neon color, like cobalt, neutrals will tame it down and give you a good warm/ cool combination.  I love taupe because it makes my bright colors pop.  And when I am talking about taupe, I am talking about a cross between grey and brown—something similar to the color of burlap.  Of course grey will work too, but neutrals in the brown family are especially wonderful with the cobalt—plus, you’ll get fashion points for not wearing white or black because they technically “go with everything”.  Also, consider animal print a neutral, it is surprisingly versatile! You can always start with an animal print shoe and work up from there.


Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace, Clear Bead Statement Necklace
  • Cobalt goes great with other bright colors too.  I love the way cobalt goes with magenta, chartreuse, and bright teal.  And by the way, this is coming from a girl who wears mostly taupe and grey, so if I can do it, you can. Who doesn’t need more color in their life? If it is too much wear a neutral and wear two bright colored accessories with it, of course one of them being cobalt.


Niloulu Colorblock Statement Necklace
  • Blue on blue on blue on blue. Ok, maybe I AM really crazy about blue right now, but for some reason, I LOVE wearing cobalt with other blues.  For example, wearing the cobalt statement necklace with navy blue and a jean jacket, or wearing a chambray shirt with a cobalt skirt or cords.  It is an easy way to try the monotone look without looking like you are trying too hard.  Make sure if you do this, that the colors are a little different from one another– or you could end up looking like a blueberry..


Clear Bead Statement NecklaceCobalt Blue Statement Necklace

Again, like with any trend, you want to figure out the best way that it fits into your closet.  Maybe just try cobalt flats or a cobalt statement necklace that you can put with whatever you already have.  It is just a small way to update and add a little spunk into your wardrobe.  Don’t buy the neon blue pants if you aren’t going to feel confident in them.  Trust me, YOU WON’T WEAR THEM if you don’t feel beautiful in them.  I don’t want you wearing anything you don’t feel beautiful in, because that is the entire point of clothes… other than not being nude.  In conclusion, try something new and have fun with it!

Shop these looks:

Niloulu Cobalt Statement Necklace

Niloulu Clear Bead Statement Necklace (Notice how I wore this in most of the pictures)

Niloulu Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace

Cobalt Pumps: Clarks, Similar, Similar Flats (ON SALE!!)

Cobalt Pants: Loft, Similar

Cobalt Dress: Anthropologie, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar

Chambray Top: Madewell

Black and White Dress: Anthropologie and Madewell, Similar, Similar

Black and White Polka Dot Blazer: Madewell, Similar

Jean Jacket: Loft, Similar

Peplum Top: Madewell, Similar (ON SALE!!)

Chambray Shirtdress: J. Crew, Similar

Lace Taupe Top: Delias, Similar Color, Similar

Magenta dresses: Anthropologie and Madewell, Similar

Cobalt scarf: niloulu (COMING SOON!)

Grey Top: Loft, Similar

Jeans: Madewell

Striped Sweatshirt: J. Crew, Similar, Similar

Patterned Pants: Loft, Similar

Nude Shoes: Steve Madden, Similar

Mod little black dress: Loft, Similar, Similar,  Similar

Blue Skinny Belt: J. Crew, Similar, Similar

Chartreuse Skinny Belt: Loft, Similar(only $5!),  Similar


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