Green Blazer & Pinecone

My mom has this great habit of buying me fabulous jewelry from Madewell every year at Christmas, so I thought that I would make similar necklaces to share with all of you beautiful people.  I have found myself wearing this necklace almost every day this holiday season, because it is easy and understated. IMG_2883

What is more Fall than a dark green blazer and a gold pinecone necklace? Try, just try to think of something else.


Just recently got a nespresso machine (aka. happiness maker) and for some reason it just got me in the mood to put all of my favorite Fall things into one outfit.  Silk taupe dress (now that its not 300 degrees outside), dark green blazer, pinecone necklace, floral scarf,  and of course my flats. (Though I did change into boots when I went out that night)


Though I was worried I would look like a leprechaun wearing this jacket it really is very versatile and chic. Also, check out the stripe detail inside the sleeve– the little things do make a difference.  It also looks great with boyfriend jeans, dark skinny jeans (of course, by the way have you bought yours yet?), and neutral colored dresses.


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