What I Wore Wednesday

Today was a catch up day.  Not that I really needed one–I substitute taught two days in a row and I feel entitled to it.  However, today was a day of comfort ( and also I wanted to make use of a few wonderful Christmas presents!)

I am really enjoying this new leather trend, so I bought these awesome coated skinny jeans from Madewell (so I get the look of leather without the sweating and squeeking)  Of course they look great with Chambray, and since I was cold I added a polka-dot sweater, my favorite necklace, and of course this AMAZING kate spade purse my wonderful husband gave me.  (You’ll be seeing this purse a lot, since it is practical, and since I wear mostly neutrals it adds color to all my outfits)


I really could have worn almost any of my pullover or cardigan sweaters with this outfit.  Now that I’m thinking about it I could have worn my fox sweater with it… I should have worn my fox sweater with it…. NO, I must learn to not regret mistakes I have made in the past!

Also, I put my necklace under the collar again… I’m starting to ease into this new trend, yay!

To find:

Coated Black Leather skinny jeans


Polka Dot Sweater: similar

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Bright cross body bag: similar, similar


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