Layering Neon

This past week at the local high school was spirit week, and one of the days was “Neon Day”.  I decided that neon day would be the best day for me to substitute, obviously.  However, I was disappointed with the amount of neon being worn.

I have the perfect dress for neon day.  It is so neon that it reflects off of my face. How awesome is that?


In order to calm it down at little, I put very neutral accessories with it: Gold belt, Clear bead statement necklace, brown boots, and my cat. (I honestly could not get my cat to stop walking in front of me in every picture, I don’t get it.  Maybe he was a model in a past life, I don’t know. Moving on!)


Because it was cold outside and I wanted to make the look a little more casual, I added a floral scarf.


Picking out my jacket was the hardest part. What do you put with neon? A brown jacket would have added too much brown to the outfit, but grey did not make sense either.  Finally I came to my senses, NAVY.  Navy blue looks awesome with neon and adds a mature touch to the look.

The most important thing to remember about wearing neon is to put neutral accessories with it.  Taupe, gold, and navy blue look great with most neon colors. OR if you have a neon statement piece, let it stand out by wearing neutral clothes.


To find:

Neon Corral Lace Dress (ON SALE!)–similar, similar

Navy Blue Blazer–Very SimilarSimilar

Floral Scarf–Similar

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Brown Boots–Similar

Gold belt–Similar, Similar


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