Celeb Inspired Style – Kristin Cavallari

Welcome to my newest addiction hobby – Polyvore! This combines my love of online shopping with my need to show people (like my husband) how I would dress or how our house would look if I could just buy it all at once. I’m not talking about super high-priced items – I’m all about finding good deals! – it just takes a while to build a wardrobe or complete a room.

So I’m starting a series of celeb inspired style, or how to dress fab like a celeb while on a normal person’s budget.

With all this polar-vortex-crap going on I think we could all use a little touch of spring. I live in Florida for crying out loud but it’s supposed to snow 3-5 inches here on Wednesday. You might find me wearing shorts and sandals inside the house with the thermostat turned waaaay up in protest. Our first style is inspired by a super-cute springy outfit worn by Kristin Cavallari.

Celeb Inspired Style - Kristin Cavallari


Neutral Cut-Out Shoulder Tee
Yellow Blazer
Skinny Jean


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