How to Wear Infinity Scarves


Last week gave me hope. Hope that the weather would finally warm up and I could start wearing dresses WITHOUT tights. But today it is 10 degrees. TEN.

During the pre-ten degree days, I went into scarf making mode and took out my vintage singer machine.  I love that machine so much– it is so beautiful.  My cat loves it too.


Although more styles are coming soon, I could not wait to post a blog about these awesome new scarves.  I even made Lyssa get into shorts and sandals to model them!

Infinity scarves are so easy to wear, because unlike other scarves, you do not have to do any work when putting them on.  You do not have to figure out the best way to tie them or wrap them, you just have to twist it and put it over your head.  Depending on the fabric, you can wear them with almost anything.  You can put them with a t-shirt, tank top, dress, blouse, whatever!


This t-shirt jersey scarf is awesome for the summer and looks great with flowy tops and dresses, and would be great to bring to the beach! You can use it as a pillow while laying out, or dress down your favorite maxi when you go cool off with some froyo.

It is also great to wear now, while it is still 10 degrees.


My FAVORITE new scarf in the shop is this neon coral tribal rayon scarf. It went well with a surprisingly large proportion of my closet. Also it is so soft and the pop of color is much needed during these cloudy months.  It goes great with navy blue, maroon, white, grey…I could keep going, for awhile.


All you need to make a cute summer outfit is a tank, shorts, and a cute accessory! So easy. The scarves are great for those chilly summer nights and an easy accent piece to travel with. (Or if you’re like me and you have to cover up so you won’t get burned)


Just find a versatile scarf that will go with YOUR wardrobe. You could go with a statement scarf, a neutral one or BOTH!

In case you don’t know how to put on an infinity scarf here is a little tutorial!


You can find these scarves and more on our etsy store!


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