So, it’s been a long time. But I’m going to pretend that it hasn’t and just jump right back in to the blog!

I love this Fluted Skirt from J. Crew, and I now have it in 3 colors…. It just fits so well and is very flattering.  When they came out with this skirt in neon coral, I pretty much had no choice but to buy it.



Because of the brightness and length of the skirt, I decided that it might not be appropriate for work.  Okay, maybe it is a Friday skirt, but I don’t work on Fridays.  Neon coral really can go with a lot more colors than one might think – Navy, grey, taupe, off-white, gold, etc.

For a very laid back look, I put it with a t-shirt or tank.  You can either do the front tuck, or tie it to the side. (When in doubt, reference the J. Crew catalogue)


To dress it up, put it with a blouse OR sequins. (or both!)


I figured, heck why not add my other favorite color combination – black and gold? (in polka dots!!)


So what have we learned from this blog?

1. J. Crew fluted skirt is the BEST (And by the way, it’s on sale right now!)

2. That neon coral is BALLIN’

3. Put a scarf with it! (Floral Scarf, Gold Polka Dot Scarf, Black & White Polka Dot Scarf)

That is all. Enjoy your Tuesday!