So, it’s been a long time. But I’m going to pretend that it hasn’t and just jump right back in to the blog!

I love this Fluted Skirt from J. Crew, and I now have it in 3 colors…. It just fits so well and is very flattering.  When they came out with this skirt in neon coral, I pretty much had no choice but to buy it.



Because of the brightness and length of the skirt, I decided that it might not be appropriate for work.  Okay, maybe it is a Friday skirt, but I don’t work on Fridays.  Neon coral really can go with a lot more colors than one might think – Navy, grey, taupe, off-white, gold, etc.

For a very laid back look, I put it with a t-shirt or tank.  You can either do the front tuck, or tie it to the side. (When in doubt, reference the J. Crew catalogue)


To dress it up, put it with a blouse OR sequins. (or both!)


I figured, heck why not add my other favorite color combination – black and gold? (in polka dots!!)


So what have we learned from this blog?

1. J. Crew fluted skirt is the BEST (And by the way, it’s on sale right now!)

2. That neon coral is BALLIN’

3. Put a scarf with it! (Floral Scarf, Gold Polka Dot Scarf, Black & White Polka Dot Scarf)

That is all. Enjoy your Tuesday!


Burnt Sienna Lace

My lace obsession is seriously getting to be a major problem.  Is there anything more feminine? Every time I wear lace I feel like I should be in a movie.  Plus the color of this dress is UH-mazing.


Everyone has a color that just pops on them, and apparently rust is mine.  One of the reasons I love it so much is that it is such a different color than you usually see.  It goes great with pale pink, emerald green, gold, black, and cobalt.


Pop it with a bright color, or keep it low key with black tights, boots and gold accessories.


Where to find:

Dress (Anthropologie): SimilarSimilar color

Belt: Similar

Gold Spiked Ball necklace: niloulu

Green flats: Similar

Black Booties: SimilarSimilar

Outbound Jacket: Madewell

Birthday Panthers

Oh it was a good birthday: Gerber daisies, caramel flan latte, doughnuts, strawberry cake, and a panther dress.


My birthday is a day where I allow myself to wear whatever I want, and that means I get dressy.  That also means I get a lot of Oklahoman stares. But guess what, I don’t care! It’s my birthday , I’M GONNA WEAR A DRESS WITH PANTHERS ON IT!


I seriously could not resist this dress. Let me say this again, it has PANTHERS on it.  Anthropologie gets me. Also my husband loves it, which makes me happy. He gets me too.


I did try to dress it down a teensy bit with booties, a blue belt and a safari jacket… however, it didn’t stop the stares.


Here is a dressier way to wear it, tights, black booties, fancy necklace…


I came to the conclusion that I should just wear what I want all the time.  I feel WAY more fabulous and confident when I am put together. Haters gonna hate, people.  Plus, you want friends who love you no matter what you wear.  Even if it has sparkly big cats on it.

Wear to find:

Panther Dress: Similar , Similar, Similar

Simple Necklace: Niloulu

Safari Jacket: Madewell

Brown Booties: SimilarSimilar

Belt: Similar

Layered Gold Necklace: Niloulu

Black Booties: SimilarSimilar

Layering Neon

This past week at the local high school was spirit week, and one of the days was “Neon Day”.  I decided that neon day would be the best day for me to substitute, obviously.  However, I was disappointed with the amount of neon being worn.

I have the perfect dress for neon day.  It is so neon that it reflects off of my face. How awesome is that?


In order to calm it down at little, I put very neutral accessories with it: Gold belt, Clear bead statement necklace, brown boots, and my cat. (I honestly could not get my cat to stop walking in front of me in every picture, I don’t get it.  Maybe he was a model in a past life, I don’t know. Moving on!)


Because it was cold outside and I wanted to make the look a little more casual, I added a floral scarf.


Picking out my jacket was the hardest part. What do you put with neon? A brown jacket would have added too much brown to the outfit, but grey did not make sense either.  Finally I came to my senses, NAVY.  Navy blue looks awesome with neon and adds a mature touch to the look.

The most important thing to remember about wearing neon is to put neutral accessories with it.  Taupe, gold, and navy blue look great with most neon colors. OR if you have a neon statement piece, let it stand out by wearing neutral clothes.


To find:

Neon Corral Lace Dress (ON SALE!)–similar, similar

Navy Blue Blazer–Very SimilarSimilar

Floral Scarf–Similar

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Brown Boots–Similar

Gold belt–Similar, Similar

Seeing Plaid

Plaid is BACK! Not that it was ever really gone, it never really seems to go out of style.

I have very limited plaid in my closet, but when I saw this skirt in Madewell I had to try it! I like how simple and easy it is to wear in many different ways.  Plus the shirttail silhouette is very flattering.

Lately I have had a lot of fun wearing t-shirts in unexpected ways.  For example, wearing this PURRFECT “Oklahoma Kitty” t-shirt from local Tulsa artist Bombs Away Art with my plaid skirt, among other things.  Look for a slouchy tee with a black and white print, it will go with everything! I  usually buy the unisex styles, instead of the styles designed for women. I do not like cap sleeves and  I do not like small v-necks thank you very much. Who looks good in a cap sleeve anyway?? WHO?? Ok, enough with my rant.  I also usually go up a size to add a little extra slouch and if the sleeves are too long, roll them up.


There is that small tuck in the front again, see how effortless of a look it makes? And to top it all off, add a bright accessory, especially if you are wearing a dark plaid.


If you want to go with a more classic look, try wearing a shirt that matches one of the less prominent colors in the plaid, or of course chambray.


Of course add a piece of jewelry, simple or bold! I put the Clear Bead Statement necklace with it to add a little understated sparkle.  Although it is a fashion jump for me, I buttoned up the shirt and put the necklace right up under the collar.


In conclusion, you do not have to be a lumberjack or a catholic school girl to wear plaid.  Just find the right piece for you.  For a good classy plaid, J. Crew, Madewell, and Ann Taylor are good places to start.  If you want unconventional plaid, check out Free People.

To find:

Plaid Skirt

Military Jacket

-Booties, similar

Green Button Down shirt

Gold Necklace

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Chunky Scarf (custom made at niloulu, email us through our etsy store for details!)

-T-shirt (Bombs Away Art)

-Kate Spade Crossbody bag, similar

How to find GOOD deals.

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!

My family is oddly good at getting me clothes I like for Christmas (well, maybe not that strange.. they are good at getting me gift cards, which are the same thing).  So many people feel odd giving gift cards, but like I’ve said to my family, it is really two gifts for me:  1. I get pretty new things. 2. I GET TO SHOP (and without feeling guilty). What better gift COULD there be??

So of course, I went shopping bright and early the morning of the 26th! I thought this post would be a good place to share when and how I find good deals and steals.


My first major trick is just following the stores and items you are loving.  It has become an almost daily routine that if I see something I want, I check in on it while I am drinking my morning coffee (mmmm Nespressoooo). Do this especially if you get an email about a sale or that items have been added to clearance.  Also, if you see that the store you follow says that they have “new arrivals”, it probably means they have some “new arrivals” to the clearance section, if you know what I mean…

Most stores have items on sale in the store that are not on sale on line, or vice versa.  So, check both occasionally, you never know when that pair of Italian leather shoes at J. Crew will be on major clearance in the store but still full price online!  Most of my good deals are in stores as opposed to online.



(This dress is still full price online, but I got it in the store for $35!)
If you live in an area that has multiple malls or if you are visiting a new area, check out the stores you love in multiple places.  I assure you they will all have a different selection.  It is also interesting to see how a different demographic can change the store selection.  For example, in some areas one item will be sold out almost immediately, but at another store, no one wants that same item! So that dress you wanted during the summer but was too expensive and sold out too fast, might be five dollars at another store when you go home for the holidays. VICTORY!!


(These shoes were $178 and I got them for $42!)

Lastly, although some shopping at outlets is good, a lot of times you will find better deals at the real stores.  Most of the stores at the outlets have a different clothing line made just for the outlet stores, and usually it is not as good of quality.  They will automatically mark down all the items in the store to make it look like you are getting a good deal, even though they were never sold at the original price on the tag.  So, spend the extra five dollars at the real store to get a better deal. Quality over quantity friends!

Enjoy your family, enjoy the good sales, and enjoy the last days of the holiday flavored drinks at Starbucks!

Sales I’ll be shopping:

Ann Taylor (Right after the holidays they will have some great deals because it gets really slow in January! Check for some 40-50% off sales)

J. Crew (right now they are having 40% off of sale styles, and I have found some great summer styles I wanted but now are very cheap!)

Madewell (They are doing 40% off of sale, and in stores the sale is very good.  Also, you can use a student ID on top of the sale!)

Anthropologie (Their sale section will start to get larger and after the holidays they will probably mark down the prices)

LOFT (They have been doing 50% off the whole store… seriously, get it while you can!)